Monthly Archives: September 2015


How is it the end of September already?  It seems as if this year is flying by faster that the last.  I always took that as a sign that we were busy enough, active enough and not leaving anything ‘on the table’ in terms of what we wanted to do and get done. . . elements to a fulfilling life I suppose.

Mrs Metal Parts and I took a trip last weekend to see friends in Lake Tahoe/Reno.  There was an Ironman 70.3 event that I knew I would not be able to participate in but that I was feeling energized about.  The reunion was amazing but my hopes of putting in some training for Ironman Arizona in November took yet another hit.  I squeezed in a single run and really was not able physically (somewhat due to the circumstances) to do more.  The work week that followed was short but yet another miserable exercise in suffering with migraines and pain.  Long story short my Physical Medicine doctor set up for an MRI for my neck and head and I am waiting to head to that appointment this afternoon.  The prospect of getting an answer to my worsening migraines is complicated by my fear that either something else is horribly wrong or that I HAVE to stop the training I have been doing for good.  We’ll see. . .

Thankfully this past weekend I was able to participate in my favorite running race, a 5.2 mile technical trail run that I was able to both PR and get 2nd overall in, a blessing for sure.  As of today I can confidently say that my plans to try to race Ironman Arizona are pretty done.  While I don’t feel amazing taking a full week off of training has led to some improvements in my pain and I have to honor that.  Surviving the changes going on in my professional/work field will be enough of a challenge for the rest of 2015.  I just don’t want to FEEL like I am quitting as I currently do feel that I am surviving.

Breaking Point

took a break, busy with life but way too busy I think.

Migraines and neck pain/arthritis are taking a toll.  I have been at least able to build on my IMAZ training but I cannot tell if it causing the neck and head to complain.  Either way and possibly non coincidentally after my biggest training distance weekend including a run distance PR (14 miles) I had my worst pain and headache day of the year.  It was different than my last few horrible migraines in that it actually brought me to tears.  I just barely made it home after a busy clinic and I am done for the evening. . .

I strongly have been considering and have to consider shutting down the training and giving up on the goal of doing a full distance Ironman.  We have a scheduled vacation to Tahoe to see great friends and the plan was to train while there including testing the wetsuit in the lake.  Nope.  I am in too much pain to feel down about this possibility so I am going to try to get through the clinic day tomorrow, prepare for our mini vacation/reunion and see what happens next week.  I do have an appointment with my Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor who I hope with inject the crap out of the neck and back to relieve the intense spasm but we’ll see.

Happy week ya’ll