Breaking Point

took a break, busy with life but way too busy I think.

Migraines and neck pain/arthritis are taking a toll.  I have been at least able to build on my IMAZ training but I cannot tell if it causing the neck and head to complain.  Either way and possibly non coincidentally after my biggest training distance weekend including a run distance PR (14 miles) I had my worst pain and headache day of the year.  It was different than my last few horrible migraines in that it actually brought me to tears.  I just barely made it home after a busy clinic and I am done for the evening. . .

I strongly have been considering and have to consider shutting down the training and giving up on the goal of doing a full distance Ironman.  We have a scheduled vacation to Tahoe to see great friends and the plan was to train while there including testing the wetsuit in the lake.  Nope.  I am in too much pain to feel down about this possibility so I am going to try to get through the clinic day tomorrow, prepare for our mini vacation/reunion and see what happens next week.  I do have an appointment with my Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor who I hope with inject the crap out of the neck and back to relieve the intense spasm but we’ll see.

Happy week ya’ll

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