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Survived a MAJOR weekend

2 or so weeks ago I committed to a mindset of no negativity as it related to my pain, the training and the work that had to be done to get my battered reconstructed body ready for a full Ironman.  It has helped me embrace a new level of discomfort which I think will help me if I make it into my 50s, 60s etc.  I have several patients who I understand a little better after realizing how LONG they have been dealing with pain issues that I have only had to deal with a relatively short time (as long as lifespan is concerned).   Anyhoo. . .

I was able to get through my longest ever swim during the week,  my 1st Century bike ride (100miles) and then run 4 miles right after on Saturday, then a Personal Record 18.25 miles run on Sunday.  . . Monday (today) sucks major arse but I have committed to just lay around, doing some light honeydoos while Mrs Metal Parts works all day and of course work remotely from home.  I hope tomorrow will be a little better as I have to get back to my busy clinic.  There are less than 3 weeks to go to a true test and hopefully a successful attempt at this 140.6 mile Ironman Arizona.   Wish me luck ya’ll and support friends and family who are battling their own obstacles but want to be more active.

Fall musings

What a great time of the year.  Though I miss the hot heat already I don’t mind a lot about what the weather becomes like in the ‘fall’ in Arizona.

I sit here less than 4 weeks from Ironman Arizona and since my last post I have quit on my goal at least 3 times.  Migraines, training failures and back flair ups WITH left leg sciatica have made it quite easy to give up on this race since it has seemed like the smartest thing to do.  However I was able to find an interesting and simple Kinesiotape strategy for my migraines from Instagram of all places.  Criss crossing tape from the base of the skull down the neck to the upper back in an X formation has reduced my migraine frequency and intensity at least 50%.  Whuttt?  Not having these debilitating headaches have allowed me to only worry about all the other issues I have.  It’s a good and doable thing.

It is a mixed blessing to have all of these pain problems because on the one hand in trying not to let it bury me I pretend to be and feel as normal possible.  I think most folks that I talk to about it know I have major problems but then easily forget because I am trying not to dwell on it.  Conversely if I really need to vent or allow myself to feel crappy there is really no one who would understand why I keep pressing on in work, athletics and triathlon if I hurt so much.   Truth is I hurt regardless so why not press?   It can be a lonely place because understandably people who I want to be around (athletes and achievers) don’t want to be brought down. . . totally get it.  Thus I will try to press on and hope/pray that I don’t really hurt myself doing what I believe has kept me going far longer than perhaps I could have ever expected.

4 weeks left to ‘cram’ for this race and then take a week long vacation.  If the migraines stay chill I have a chance.  Well wishes to anyone out there in a similar situation.

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