Survived a MAJOR weekend

2 or so weeks ago I committed to a mindset of no negativity as it related to my pain, the training and the work that had to be done to get my battered reconstructed body ready for a full Ironman.  It has helped me embrace a new level of discomfort which I think will help me if I make it into my 50s, 60s etc.  I have several patients who I understand a little better after realizing how LONG they have been dealing with pain issues that I have only had to deal with a relatively short time (as long as lifespan is concerned).   Anyhoo. . .

I was able to get through my longest ever swim during the week,  my 1st Century bike ride (100miles) and then run 4 miles right after on Saturday, then a Personal Record 18.25 miles run on Sunday.  . . Monday (today) sucks major arse but I have committed to just lay around, doing some light honeydoos while Mrs Metal Parts works all day and of course work remotely from home.  I hope tomorrow will be a little better as I have to get back to my busy clinic.  There are less than 3 weeks to go to a true test and hopefully a successful attempt at this 140.6 mile Ironman Arizona.   Wish me luck ya’ll and support friends and family who are battling their own obstacles but want to be more active.

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