2015, where did you go?

As I sit here 3 weeks after Ironman Arizona dealing with the injuries, pain and fallout I realize it is well into December.  If we’re lucky we’ll make it to the end of the year to take stock of how it went.  I won’t commit to a full assessment yet but I will say that like most others being alive, being active and managing my pain while being able to work and take care of my responsibilities is something to be grateful for.   As cliché as it sounds (it is) I really don’t want to lose my sense of gratitude.

I see my Orthopedic today since my ‘good’ ankle is not really improving at the rate I am accustomed to.  Is it the sheer wear from the distance?  Is it that I am 42 and I better just get used to healing slower?  Is it because I am pushing a bit too hard because it was I am used to from dealing with my back pain and fusion issues?  Probably some of each.  I went into IMAZ knowing that there would be fallout and I HOPE that nothing is permanent.  We’ll see. . .

Everyone out there getting older but still needing to move you have to listen to your body, learn how your body is changing and know the difference between simple pain from life VS pain from an injury.

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