Monthly Archives: February 2016


2016 has been thus far ROUGH.  A cold sandwiched between horrible headaches from my neck arthritis problem has made it a challenge just to function.  Exercise, running, athletics have been de prioritized by necessity.  Per usual the less I move the more the Spinal Fusion and back pain problem becomes.  Nothing new for day to day, week to week life but headaches of this nature present a completely unique set of challenges.   Since 2014 and 2015 were filled with migraine days this is also not new.  However (unlike my spinal pain issues) migraines are not something I am finding one can get used to and deal with as effectively.

Having said that I still was able to press to get in (in the month of January) 88 bike miles, 34 run miles, some weight lifting and even an hour long heavily taped and protected half court basketball session.  The latter felt amazing but the adrenaline high was too short lived and tweaked other joints that have been conditioned for straight line movement of triathlon for a few years.  February has arrived and it is time to survive and plan for another month.  I just realized that a month’s worth of planning is better than day to day or week to week as it FEELS less about survival and more about management without the guilt of looking too far ahead. . . I am going with this and suddenly FEEL energized about having a better less painful and higher functioning month than I just had.

Dewit.  #injuredathletes #olderathletes #migraines #spinalfusion