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Change in Philosophy. . . Maybe

I have been at this stage before, many times in fact but usually am able to move on and keep pressing.  The stage I refer to is having to recover from a relatively short stressor to my back, neck etc and wondering if I am going about it the right way.  The stressor was a short trip to New Orleans for 2 days of the Jazz and Heritage Festival (4 days total).  We did this 3 years ago with friends and the traveling was not miserable.  This year unfortunately it was.

Sitting too long, standing too long and not being able to lie down when my neck starts to warn me of an impending migraine is generally a bad idea.  I did get a few moderate headaches but the main issue was near debilitating pain in the low back and upper mid back after the 2nd Festival day.  I am nursing some type of tendonitis in my foot I presume from running so I have not been able to run or keep my body loose with exercise so I believe this to be part of the problem.  We ate and drank too much as we expected but after a long night’s sleep and a nap my body is trying to tell me that I have to change some things.  I was fully expecting to be able to ride, lift or do something active today and I have only been able to lie around.  I am not used to it and really have to wait until tomorrow when I go back to work to see what I am going to get.

Rest, more recovery and not stressing about the inevitable weight gain is going to have to be something I am more OK with than I have in the past.  . . maybe.   My goal for the rest of the day is to not fret or beat myself up over it and make sure I also get sleep tonight so I can be sharp for work tomorrow.

On a brighter note before we left for the trip I did have a patient of mine who was 3 months post hip replacement.  He also has pretty significant lower back arthritis and pain and I was worried about how he would be doing.  He told me that he was motivated by my story and decided that he was not going to let pain ruin his life.   He has a new relationship with it and had a completely different attitude about what it meant for him and about how he would deal with bad days.  #littlevictories



I look at my age and two things enter my mind.  1.  I have been blessed enough to experience a lot both good and bad.  Four decades plus is a lot of time to make mistakes, learn from them and hopefully learn also how to enjoy the life one has.  2.  42 is really not that old.  While I say away from ‘why me?’ type thinking as it relates to the chronic pain more time is spent wondering how long it can be kept up.  It does get difficult to make many long term plans when the struggle really requires literally ‘one day at a time’. . .some days a few hours at a time.

Due to the severity of the migraines I had to reduce my work hours.  I am somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 time I would say seeing patients in my practice.  While it will lead to a big hit in the budget I am able to survive the days with more ease.  I am able to manage migraines without feeling the pressure of falling further behind and also I am feeling less dread about the pain and headaches that are sure to come.  Only this year have I realized how much torment the anticipation of feeling horrible later in the day was causing.

Thankfully the lovely wife has taken it upon herself to go back to work full time.  Her benefits situation is GREAT compared to my own I just found out about it so that is also a stress reliever.  Adjusting to having her around less to handle all that needs to be handled with Metal Parts Life and our doggies hasn’t been miserable.   Gotta roll with the changes.

As for racing. . . has been a great year though this past weekend I got lost on a trail race.  I fell (per usual due to drop foot) and scraped myself up pretty good and strained the hardware in the low back.  Trail running due to the dust (asthma and chronic allergies) the terrain and frequent falls my NOT be in my best interests.  It is tough because I love trail running more than I think everything else other than basketball. . . 42.5 is great but I have to be smarter still.