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A PAINFUL realization

This 1/2 year has felt like 1 1/2.  It started with the Migraine month of January where I had ZERO headache free days into a point early in the year and a decision to cut my patient schedule way down to essentially 3.5 days.  I ended up in a new specialist’s office for a timely set of injections for. . . wait for it. . . occipital neuritis, cervical disc degeneration with end plate sclerosis (neck arthritis) and horrible muscle spasm contributing to migraines.  There is another diagnosis I have that I have known about for a few years but that I had not really had time to digest emotionally.

I walked into one of my Rheumatology appointments a few years ago and was chatting with my Dr.  I had not been feeling amazing and was exceedingly tired so in addition to finding out I had Valley Fever from a backyard project that kicked up a lot of dirt I was told that I had Fibromyalgia.   Literally “fuck off” almost came out of my mouth due to the shock.  We talked about it, I shrugged it off and went home. . . on the drive home however it hit me that she was exactly right.  The burning pain in my neck, back, hip, quads. . . literally ALL the muscles on a bad day was from this very problem.  Start with a few childhood traumas no one knows about, add a few early adulthood ones and then the lost battle with the tree where I broke my back and there it was.

I won’t go into it in detail but Fibromyalgia is a chronic nerve pain condition that also is typically associated with trauma, severe fatigue, insomnia, muscle aches and the deep burning pain that is the hallmark.  I always figured it was my normal for the #spinalfusion X 2 and the training and exercise I make myself do.  It probably contributes as another  common symptom is a crash after overdoing certain activities.  Anyhoo. . .

Half the year is almost gone.  I have a race this weekend and am in cram mode trying to get ready.   I need one of those weeks where I Survive AND Thrive so here we go.  Looking to make the 2nd half of the year more about outreach to my pain and joint replacement community and to try to push the Brand for Injured Athletes.  This stuff is hard!

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