Monthly Archives: September 2016

Metal Parts Life

After a few years we think we are ready to push towards marketing our Brand to our target audience.  This is new territory for us but are hopeful that what we are doing will resonate with spinal fusion survivors, older athletes, joint replacement patients, ex military. . . Thus far we have just been trying to build the foundation and continue living the lifestyle which is about pushing past your boundaries and not letting aftermarket body parts (Metal Parts) create more restrictions than necessary.

We finally identified 3 local folks to be ‘brand ambassadors’ so to speak.  One has a spinal fusion from an accident suffered in the military.  One lady is a scoliosis spinal fusion survivor who is very athletic and the last lady has a prosthetic leg and  competes triathlon!  Amazing people and our target for sure.  We’ll see what happens! ! !

Hoping we can reach enough people to start a word of mouth grass roots type campaign.

Carry on