2018. . .

Happy New Year everyone!  Although not so new anymore that it’s almost February!   I am thankful that we’ve almost made it through a new month of life, work, hopefully some fun recreation.  Me personally I have finally found a steady state in regards to my migraines, neck stabbing pains from bone spurs and the usual low back post fusion pain and Fibromyalgia.  I last raced in October where I miraculously set Personal Records at every leg of my last Ironman 70.3 race in Tempe, Arizona.  I even qualified for the World Championship race in South Africa in September of 2018!  This was my goal and I still am very happy that I achieved it.   I am 95% sure that there is no way I am going to South Africa to race another 70.3.  Plus by not personally making myself train for a specific goal I think I have paused some of the wear and tear I was clearly making worse by pushing so hard.  My Rheumatologist most definitely agreed.

Shortly after last October’s race I underwent a set of injections (a Rhizotomy) designed to burn the nerves in the neck believed to be causing the majority of the burning, stabbing, ice pick, razor blade and ground glass pain I have been having.  The procedure made me MUCH worse for months and I almost had to take leave from work as the pain was almost unbearable.  Finally the worst passed and I am back to where I was before.  I MAY have a little less left sided stabbing pain so I am trying to tell myself it helped.

Next step is a visit with a Neurosurgeon in March.  If he tells me he can help I am going to strongly consider a spinal fusion of the neck, something I always said I would never consider.  Then again I used to say that if I ever developed a headache problem (I used to never get headaches) that I would end it all.  Clearly life deals and we then have to deal with it so here we are.

I am sending positive survival vibes, life vibes, decreased pain vibes, all the positive vibes to everyone suffering with pain problems.  It may not get better from many of us but with time we will get tougher and more resilient.   Until the next time.  . .

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